Based in Montreal, LUSHYNE is an exclusive, timeless and sustainable ready-to-wear brand. Founded in 2011 by Lucci Rojas. LUSHYNE offers a unique universe through its collections. The attires take the form of an evolving wardrobe where each piece is linked to the previous one to form a closet of essentials.

LUSHYNE is proud to be part of the slow fashion movement. In a world of throwaway over-produced fast fashion, I have made it my mission to improve the way I produce my collections and I am striving for more sustainable production methods and materials. I am constantly working to achieve this by sourcing natural fabric and recycled polyester for my future collections.

Jean Hugues

Jean Hugues Courtois

JHC or is a real estate agent who helps his customers in sales and purchases of properties in Montreal.

Jean Hugues Courtois is motivated, professional, and a friendly person who offers his services in real estate brokerage.


The Hickson Physiotherapy and Osteopathy Clinic offers high quality physical rehabilitation services.

The professionals at the Hickson clinic are an integral part of their respective order. They maintain a high and constant level of training.


The Châteauguay LCA is a local Christian assembly located on the south shore of Montreal, near Châteauguay.

The LCA Archive Download System is a complete script that restricts access to approved users.